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Welcome to the Thinking Page, proud to be your source - and the #1 site on the Web - for information on improving organizational and individual thinking.

The Thinking Page is divided into five sections, each with its own perspective on thinking and its own unique insights. The five sections are:

Systems Thinking - systems thinking is a perspective that helps us see and understand the big picture in new ways.

Creativity - channeling creativity creates innovation and improvement.

Cybernetics - the study of information, cybernetics helps us understand feedback and improve decision making.

Cognition - deciphering  the effects of biology, culture, and experience on our thinking.

Reflexions - a column of thoughts about thinking. Take advantage of the lessons each offers about how to improve your thinking and your organization´s.

Also, you may enjoy Kymokeo's puzzle, which helps illustrate the blind spots that our assumptions can create.

The Thinking Page is proud to have received a Top 5% of the Web award from Lycos.

 Systems Thinking
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